At Octave Leap, we provide a range of Online Courses assisting individuals who are interested in Self Knowledge, Cryptocurrency and How to Run a Successful & Authentic Business Online.

Our vision is to help you learn how to use your resources to fuel your deeper life passions, as well as how to deeply tune in to the frequency of prosperity and build habits that will lead you to lasting success.


The key to discovering our Deep Passions is by connecting with our inherently good life force energy. When life force energy flows, we can actually begin to embody our sovereignty and engage in high-frequency, aligned business.

Do you own a Ledger, or want to buy one, but don’t know how to set it up? Have you already set up your ledger but want to learn how to connect to other DeFi wallets? In this workshop, we cover the basics of how to setup and use a Ledger wallet.

Discover everything from getting in the frequency of prosperity to the basics of Crypto in this fun, interactive course that will get you excited about economic sovereignty and building your own prosperity in an ethical, and simple way.

This comprehensive course explores the key elements of the Human Design System. You will unlock the secrets of your own design and that of others, and understand unique combinations of innate gifts and talents.

Learning to trade cryptocurrency wisely allows you to make gains in a bull, bear and sideways market. You don’t have to sit in front of the computer all day. 2-3 trades per month can be enough to earn steady profits!