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Navigate the ups and downs of the crypto market with a team of seasoned traders and investors by your side. Become part of a crypto community with a vision for a more abundant, financially sovereign world.

Feel Overwhelmed by the Ever-Changing Crypto Market?

Think Crypto is Too Risky Right Now? Feel Anxious about the Global Economic Situation?

You’re Not Alone.

Imagine having a supportive and positive crypto community, providing knowledge to consult when economic changes occur. All in real-time as things develop.

Learning crypto is not a one person job – that’s why we have assembled a team of experts to provide comprehensive updates for each area of crypto. We then go the extra step and integrate that data into a concise narrative to help you invest better.

Crypto is a difficult landscape to navigate. Why do it alone when you can leverage an entire team to support you?

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Increase Abundance During Economic Turmoil

There’s no need to panic when the crypto markets dip. You’ll have access to weekly charts and simple strategies to avoid losses and make the most of the current conditions. There’s always profit to be made in crypto – whether it’s going down or up! It’s all about the RIGHT strategy at the RIGHT time.

Astrological Insight into Crypto Change

Did you know that some of the top financiers in the world have astrology software on their computers? That’s because astrology is often a predictive indicator that elite investors don’t want others knowing about. You’ll receive monthly astrological presentations of transits and ongoing moon cycle indicators to help you understand what might be coming next.

Enjoy Peer-to-peer Transactions

Connect with other like-minded members to trade, transact, support, and learn from each other — a great opportunity to trade crypto without using an exchange.

Step up your Trading Skills

You don’t have to be a crypto expert to trade like one. Get insight into experienced trading opportunities that lead to financial gains each month. We will provide on-going education as the markets develop and let you know when we are buying or selling.

Real Time Global Economic Updates

Reduce your anxiety about upcoming economic changes. Receive regular updates from crypto experts offering their take on the current market and where it’s heading so that you can position yourself best.

Be Part of a Global Crypto Community

The Octave Leap Crypto Community includes members from across the world who can help you navigate the unique crypto landscape in your country.

The Octave Leap Crypto Community is your All-in-one Crypto Resource.

Crypto Insights From Seasoned Investors and Additional Guests

David Khan

Founder / Integrated Summaries

Vanessa Holliday

Astrological Indicators

Nicolas Goudard

Charting / Trading Signals

Alex Jepson

Investor Psychology / Staking

Maaike Deketele

User Experience and Community Facilitator

Koen De Clerq

Crypto News and Market Updates

What’s Inside The Octave Leap Crypto Community?

• Monthly trading signals to simplify crypto trading and help you grow your wealth

• Insights on when to buy and sell certain coins

• Inner game work to help you develop the right mindset and state-of-being for crypto

• Updated Charts on BTC and ETH to give insight on where things are likely heading next

• Monthly astrological takeaways using BTC’s natal chart as a predictive indicator

• Up-to-date breaking market and global updates

• Passive staking strategies from highly-skilled investors

• Regular engagement from all contributors to answer your questions

• A worldwide community of like-minded, heart-centered crypto enthusiasts

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