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Share it with the world.

Business is an incredible tool for self-discovery and can have a meaningful, positive impact. Yet, only 18% of conscious businesses succeed. Discover why Octave Leap Business Consulting not only helps you succeed, but ensures your business enlivens you & your community.

Are you ready to make your Online Business vision a reality?

Conscious business is a journey of discovery into the deeper layers of your purpose. Self-knowledge is the first key to success – but it doesn’t end there.

Through Octave Leap Business Consulting, we share the principles that lead to success in running a conscious business. We’ve been there and after years of trial and error, we’ve figured out the hard parts for you. We are here to help you align with your “why.” We are here to create an incredible roadmap for your business and assist with the resources to actualize it.

We are a full-service community dedicated to helping you build a conscious business. We meet you where you are and get you where you want to be. We do this by first understanding how your energy works best.

The fancy tools fall into place effortlessly once you’ve deeply connected with your vitality and passion for impacting the lives of others.

You are supported. Our talented team has the skills to build business systems for success. This keeps you focused on your role — to create the products and deliver the services that people need to enrich and improve their lives.

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Get Clear on Why You’re Here

What if your livelihood was also the most fulfilling part of your life? Imagine waking up energized because it’s Monday and you get to align fully with your mission while supporting yourself and your family. That’s when business begins to thrive.

Get Revitalized Through Purpose

When we are not aligned with our business, we suffer. We feel drained and our health and wealth deplete over time. Rightful business is an electric force that stimulates our higher mind and adds rocket fuel to our life. This is what we bring to our clients at Octave Leap. 

Build a Thriving Business

You are the single most important factor in whether your business succeeds or fails. By getting you right and making sure your processes, systems and implementation are an extension of your deeper alignment we will help you create a thriving business.

Define the Lifestyle You Want

Let’s face it – most entrepreneurs work themselves to the bone. This is completely unnecessary.  At Octave Leap, we make sure that you only do what you want to – where your nectar is. We handle the rest so you can spend more time on the things you love.   

Octave Leap Business Consulting is the Straight Path to a Thriving Business

Meet The Team

David Khan

Business Consulting & Strategic Planning

Astrology & Human Design

Sound Attunements

Video Editing


Micayla Dennis

Website Development

Online Course Setup

Ebook (Creation / Formatting / Editing)

Video & Podcast Editing

SEO for Websites & Youtube

Alex Jepson

Entrepreneurial Coaching

Entrepreneurial Consulting

Mindset Coaching

Alignment Coaching

Business Consulting

What We Do For You

• Leverage astrology, human design, and deep listening to uncover more about your gifts and how to align with them. 

• Discover how to harmonize your energy with your personal genius so that your energy is directed in the most passionate and fulfilling places to keep your business vital. 

• Create a personalized branding kit by tapping into the essence of what you intend to bring forward. 

• Develop a bespoke business plan based on your aims, goals, and desires. 

• Help you implement your plan and actualize your dream. Our team of graphic designers, video editors, web builders, admin, and marketing experts are here to support you.

• Refine and optimize what you do to save you time, money and energy by using systems that work for you.

• Offer a one-stop source for inspiration and clarity — a resource to build your business in a way that truly serves YOU.

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