Running a small business is fulfilling, but also overwhelming. You love what you do, however, creating a ton of supporting media is not what you signed up for! This is a common stumbling block that can slow your business’s momentum and shift your precious focus away from sharing your gifts.

It’s a lot of work to write professional copy, design graphics, record audio, edit videos, create promotions, and all the other media-related tasks that are necessary for growing a business. This can be challenging when you are one person or a small team.

And the thought of having to search for someone to handle these tasks can be overwhelming. Especially when it’s someone new and unproven who might not align with your vision – costing extra time and money.

A lot of existing creative media solutions are focused on traditional corporate-style businesses. They are expensive, they don’t understand how the new economy works and the result often looks/feels like everything else out there. These options are rarely in alignment with heart-based businesses.

That’s why we created Octave Leap Creative Business Services. We specifically focus on serving entrepreneurs who are aiming to create a better world, with a more natural approach to business. Our services are adaptable, affordable, high-quality and aimed specifically at those with a heart-based business.

Our media is perfect for businesses involving coaching, therapy work, and those who are supporting true health and regeneration. We tailor everything to your needs and understand the world in which you operate.

Services Offered


Writing is the #1 way to get the message across to your community. We wrote the book on Heartfelt Copywriting to match your unique tone with effective messaging that builds community and drives sales.

Graphic Design & Illustrating

Crafting visuals that express your authentic branding and make your inner world visible and most importantly, memorable, for your audience.

Marketing & Growth Strategy

We approach marketing so that it feels natural and fun – not salesy. We help you find a way that works for you to grow an audience and share your gifts naturally.

Brand Development

We use a suite of tools to bring out the deeper essence of your business. This allows you to emit an authentic look and feel, which is consistent and precise. We also create style guides that makes creating new aligned content quick and effortless!

Bespoke Music

Background music with specific frequencies that enhance the effectiveness of your content. We have an extensive library of ambient music perfect for videos or guidance tracks.

Website & Media Pages

Whether you need a full website made or just a quick page to host your media – we’ve got many beautiful and effective design options to showcase your business. Need SEO and analytics? We do that too!


“Dave is very unique being with exceptional talent and many, many tools in his tool belt. He is open, honest and a genuine good heart and I am so grateful the Universe has brought him into my life.” 

– Amy, 42, USA

“Octave Leap has a talent for meeting their clients where they are at. Dave has a myriad of tools he uses to get his clients into full resonance with their business.”

– Kelsey, 30, USA

“The provided materials, so well prepared, are a great toolbox to return to whenever needed. What I’ve received will serve as a solid foundation for all future ventures and adventures!”

– Andreas, 52, Switzerland

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