In this Heartfelt Copywriting Workshop you’ll learn how to have people engage constructively with your business by learning the ‘3 important ways’ to structure your message effectively.

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Writing is the #1 skill needed in business. Heartfelt copywriting is the art of genuine connection.

Have you ever poured your heart into writing an email or a social media post only to have no response? I sure have, and it made me think that people only wanted dumb entertainment when they were online and didn’t care about substance.

But that was a complete myth. I learned that you could write something passionate and heartfelt and deliver it in a way that had a HUGE impact on your audience.

Imagine you put together a workshop to help people reach their personal goals more efficiently. The workshop material looks incredible and thinking about the content really gets you excited. Not only that, but you even felt excited when it came time to sending an email to announce this creation to your audience.

You write an email and click send.

Within minutes… Clicks, registrations and engaging replies galore!

This creates a tremendous sense of confidence and self-empowerment.  It is life’s reward for learning how to better speak to people’s needs by connecting with them emotionally.

Learning how to write like this took me some time.  That’s because I had to figure it out all on my own. Trial and error. Successes and failures. I believe I walked the long path so that others wouldn’t have to.

In my early days online, I wanted to write more influentially. So, I studied traditional copywriting.

At first, it felt like I had the keys to my audience’s psyche and I could ‘influence’ them to take any action that I wanted them to. It worked – people were buying what I was selling.

But something bothered me.  People started complaining that I was using ‘hype’ marketing. All of a sudden, my shiny, incredible offering didn’t feel authentic anymore and I didn’t like being lumped in with all the other low-frequency, hype internet marketing crap out there. It cheapened my business and made me feel slimy!

I realized that solely focusing on ‘sales’ was a rookie move and learned quickly from my initial experience.

This experience sent me back to the drawing board until I arrived at something that felt right in my body. I learned that it all came down to one fundamental concept. This concept allowed me to write persuasively and not feel like I was selling my soul or coming across as a trashy internet marketer.

This fundamental concept is NOT about manipulating others, following complicated and cliched trends, trashy internet marketing or adding filler text to the amount of wasted space online.

It is about genuine emotional connection and trust.

There are 3 important ways to establish this. When we learn these 3 ways, we will always be able to structure our message that directly connects with our audience.

People need to feel us, know our intention and get a sense of who we really are. Easy to do in an authentic relating workshop but not-so-easy when people are reading words on a screen with 30 other browser tabs open!

But it is possible to cut through the noise and connect with our audience.  I’m here to help you learn how to write more effectively, honestly and passionately in your:

  • Social media posts
  • Emails
  • Landing pages for courses, products or programs
  • Ads

Not only that, but learning how to write heartfelt copywriting helps us understand how people LEARN when they are engaged.

Any learning material we create benefits immensely from learning how to communicate based on our audience’s needs and structure our message so that it lands home.

In this workshop, Dave covers exactly what is needed to:

  • Grab people’s attention with your words
  • Improve the emotional connection with your audience
  • Get people to really care about what you do
  • Have people engage constructively with your business
  • Learn the ‘3 important ways’ to structure your message effectively


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