Name: Vanessa Holliday
Specialties: Anthroposophy, Astrology, Eurythmy, Sound Healing, Voice & Womb Health
Location: Bali, Indonesia
Age: 39

Vanessa Holliday is a multidisciplinary artist. This has led her to explore the possibility of merging astrology, ancient healing frequencies and contemporary brainwave entrainment with sound, to awaken higher states of consciousness and a deeper connection to Self. ⁠

Vanessa’s one to one sessions are intuitive, gentle, nurturing, stellar yet down to earth. She has worked with many women around the world assisting them to align and strengthen their womb, heart and voice connection. Her readings involve an in-depth look into your astrological chart coupled with Sound, Voice and Womb frequency work.

To inquire about sessions with Vanessa,
please e-mail