Micayla Dennis

Astrology & Human Design for Embodying Your Life Purpose

Micayla has spent most of the last 8 years backpacking and volunteering in 21 countries, reconnecting with nature through her work on Organic Farms, in Eco Communities and in the Rainforest.

Driven forward with the desire to understand the multifaceted nature of the human experience, Micayla works continuously at expanding her skillset and understanding, with the intention to guide forth a future of conscious and intentional living for all.

Astrology and Human Design met Micayla along her path, and through learning the intricacies of these modalities, Micayla found herself in a position where people who were seeking guidance and understanding along their journey, gravitated towards her. Through months of engaging in the interpretation of charts for her friends and community, Micayla fostered a deeper experiential understanding of the language of the stars.

With a passion for both Astrology and Human Design, Micayla assists others in understanding their unique Astrological Blueprint & Human Design Body Graph with the intention of illuminating the path that leads to the embodiment of their greater life purpose.

Micayla’s Services

Horoscope wheel chart

Astrology Birth Chart Reading

Astrology has been used for thousands of years, to gaze into the depths of ones soul journey in this lifetime. As depicted by the planetary positions at the exact moment of your birth, your Birth Chart presents a roadmap, which can be used to understand the themes playing out in your life, your gifts, your greatest wounding, how you relate with others, your offering to the world, your means of transformation and ultimately – your greater life purpose.

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Human Design Analysis

Human Design combines the 4 systems of Astrology, The Chakra System, The I-Ching and The Kabbalah, providing deep insight into conscious and unconscious parts of ourselves. Through Human Design we are offered an intimate look into the aspects of ourselves that are determined genetically, and those that are present due to our conditioning. This assists us in understanding our characteristic strengths, gifts and shadows.



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*In-person readings are done in Natures Valley, South Africa

Online Readings

| Astrology – $100

| Human Design – $120

| Combination Reading – $180

In-person Readings

|Astrology – R800

| Human Design – R1000

| Combination Reading – R1500