Name: Maaike Deketele
Specialties: Human Design, Technical Assistance
Location: Belgium (English/Dutch)
Age: 44

Feeling very confined and fearful in every area of my life, I experienced a wide gap between me and my body. Between who I had become and who I knew I was meant to be. Burned out for the second time, but never lost access to a little flame somewhere deep inside. What I learned and experienced opened my eyes, my body, my world.  Especially when I discovered Human Design, my blueprint. My system appeared to be wired differently than most others. No wonder my energy got trapped. It also helped me with my biggest challenge: to return into my body and restore trust in my own unique inner guidance.

One of the things I’m wired for, is spotting useful information and explaining it in a simple and practical way. I felt called to assist in something that I find extremely valuable for these times. If you need help with the technical setup or other support you might need, I’m happy to assist at your pace. I have over 15 years of experience helping people befriend, sometimes complicated, technicalities.

If you feel like having a look at your Human Design would benefit you, feel free to reach out for a basic reading, including all the main aspects bundled in ‘Your Personal User Manual’.

To inquire about sessions with Maaike Deketele, please e-mail at