David Khan

Business Consulting, Astrology/Human Design, Embodiment Work

David has cultivated a strong sense of modalities that work well together, integrating them into his own unique service offerings.  He focuses on clarifying one’s purpose by removing distractions, noise and obstructions.  This aligns people better with their direction, purpose and business.

Elements of this work may be considered ‘spiritual’.  However, David avoids ‘fluff’ and instead embraces the complete human experience. Spirituality keeps us on a perpetual hamster wheels of trying, but never, attaining something. The complete human experience is when we realize that we are already that which we seek. We merely have to shift our perception from the conditioned, negative patterning and into the limitless spark of our innate essence.

David has worked internationally with clients in Australia, Canada, USA, Russia, Estonia, Lithuania, Germany, Chile, Spain, Turkey, South Africa, the Netherlands, the UK, India and Indonesia. Helping his clients find clarity on life issues, David assists in activating self-healing capabilities and empowering ones inner magician – for life and livelihood.

David’s Services



Even knowing best kept secrets of the business world, you may have a hard time practicing them. This is especially true when we look at all of the complexities of modern life. It takes skillfulness and creativity to navigate the world and stay in alignment. David is here to help you find the best way that honors your individuality.

Human Attunement


When traumatic experiences occur, parts of our essence can become bound in past events, past relationships and decisions. This may often prevent us from accessing our full presence and vitality.  They can affect our lives and our business as well.  Dave assists his clients release outdated conditioning & develop new patterns.



Astrology and Human Design are extremely helpful tools for understanding how we work.  Self-knowledge is an essential part of self-mastery.  Understanding how our personal energy works and aligning with that makes life so much more easeful and allows us to actualize the things we deeply value.

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