Arabella Tornow

Masculine Embodiment Work, Astrology/ Human Design

We grew up in a very wounded society where men were specially programmed to close their hearts in favor of material goals, to always have everything figured out, to just “suck it up”, to not show emotions, and to be “real men.”

Unable to feel safe enough to speak openly about their feelings, desires and needs is causing an internal separation. This leads to deep stored emotions such as shame, guilt, and fear and manifests in the constant search for a “new high,” the idea of needing “too much,” addiction, self-abandonment, and over self-sacrifice. In short: This programming causes men to become imbalanced and disconnected from their inner feminine energy.

Arabella knows how powerful, energetic, polarizing, and healing the work between men and women can be. This is one reason why Arabella focuses on supporting men on their journey and assisting them to reconnect with their own inner source – so they can take charge of their life. In her work, she combines various healing modalities, helping her clients express their innate potential.

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Energy Work &

Shadow Work

Talk therapy can be a great introduction to self-development work. Yet there is often a point where deeper work is called for. Energy work facilitates healing, and re-aligns the energies of the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical body. With “Shadow work,” we can get the repressed material out of the shadow and integrate it back where it belongs: in your consciousness. The more aware you are of your shadow, the more embodied you are.

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Past Life Regression

Arabella uses QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique), which is a special method of regression hypnosis to discover lessons, recurring patterns, illnesses and karmic connections. Once we have access to past memories, we can see the deep connections with current life situations, process unresolved karma, understand the purpose of life, heal (if it is appropriated), get answers to questions and integrate new insights into present life.

Human Design &


Astrology and Human Design are extremely powerful tools and systems for understanding how we function.  Self-knowledge is an essential part of self-mastery. In her work, Arabella uses Astrology & Human Design to facilitate energy work, mirroring and shadow work. Arabella focuses on using these tools to support men on their journey and assist them in reconnecting with their own inner source.

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