Name: Aniko Fisch
Specialties: Body Talk, Holistic Nutrition, Intuitive Readings, Breathwork
Location: United States
Age: 31

Hi! I’m Aniko, or Koko for short. I started my journey in the health and healing world with my passion for food. I was lucky enough to grow up in a household where healing foods were used as the primary remedies for any ailment.

Working with clients has taught me how healthy eating is only a small part of the key to lasting health. This brought me down a path of exploration into the world of quantum biology and energy medicine. After learning several methods of energy healing, life took an unexpected turn when I started to experience a debilitating mystery illness that left me “out of commission” for several years. Through my journey back to health, I gained an entirely new perspective on why the body expresses imbalance through dis-ease. I use these powerful tools to help clients reclaim their innate ability to heal and thrive.

To inquire about sessions with Aniko Fisch, please e-mail