Alex Jepson

Reconnecting With Your Natural State, Entrepreneurial Consulting

Alex Jepson spends his time working as an artist and entrepreneur and has dedicated himself to helping others return to their natural state of being. His passion is in seeing people step into alignment and reconnect with their passions. Through his approach, Alex strives to help his clients thrive in a prosperous and heart-centered way. Through his own experiences, Alex has seen radical change when he committed to this path, spurring a commitment to serve.

Working with an approach that is holistic and multifaceted, Alex mirrors the innate complexity in each one of us. By bringing experiences from his own path of reconnection and past business ventures, Alex practices deep listening with a calm, patient and supportive demeanor. Offering his wisdom from studying psychology, philosophy, and the esoteric and spiritual aspects of life, Alex aims to help his clients identify and work through any blocks.

By helping many people to drop conditioned habits and thought patterns, Alex guides others to reconnect with their unique essence. Through this, Alex holds a vision to help others start living in a more intentional way. Alex has worked with many entrepreneurs and artists to successfully bring their gifts into the world, in a way that fits their unique blueprint.


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Every entrepreneur wants to create a prosperous business to bring real value to their customers. However, it’s equally important to make sure that our business also connects with our unique passions, skills, and individual blueprint, because this is where the magic happens! Alex works with entrepreneurs to strategize, implement, and grow their ventures in this heart-based and aligned way.


Reconnecting With

Your Natural State

Years of conditioning, trauma, and societal pressures can lead us into a life that is completely disconnected from our natural essence. This recognition often leads us on a path of rebirth – shedding layers that no longer serve us. We are here to reconnect with authenticity, joy and love. Alex helps clients to get into alignment with their natural state and to embody their highest potential in a practical way.



& Innovation

We are innately creative beings. By shedding our layers of conditioning we begin to nurture our creative spark and allow for the re-emergence of a powerful creative intelligence. Life becomes truly magical when we create in an authentic and unique way! Alex helps people from all walks of life reconnect with this creative spark – artists, writers, entrepreneurs, marketers, or retirees looking for more joy.

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