Personal Coaching

At Octave Leap we offer one-on-one personal coaching to give you a personalized touch.  Our personal coaching sessions are meant to assist you in realizing your ambitions faster with coaches that are intuitive, adaptable, and highly-skilled in a variety of modalities and specialities.

Holistic Nutrition & Ancestral Wisdom

Explore deep listening to the body’s needs through understanding Holistic Nutrition & Ancestral wisdom for body optimization.

Conscious Business

Conscious business is a journey of discovery into the deeper layers of your purpose. We offer online coaching dedicated to helping you build a conscious business deeply connected with your passions.

Astrology & Human Design

Astrology and Human Design can be used to explore greater self-knowledge. Our coaches are here to assist you in understanding how to align career, family, relationships and your heartfelt purpose by examining your birth chart.

Our Coaches

David Khan


Specialties: Astrology, Rewriting Habits, Business Consulting

David is a deep generalist – one whose expertise lies in weaving the interconnectedness between multiple facets of life.


Vanessa Holliday


Specialties: Anthroposophy, Astrology, Eurythmy, Sound Healing, Voice & Womb Health

Vanessa has worked with many women around the world assisting them to align and strengthen their womb, heart and voice connection.


Maaike Deketele


Specialties: Human Design, Technical Assistance

For people involved with Technology – I’m here for you. I have over 15 years of experience assisting people break down complex technical matters in a way that is intuitive and very easy to understand. READ MORE

Aniko Fisch


Specialties: Holistic Nutrition, Breathwork, Intuitive Readings, BodyTalk

I started my journey in the health and healing world with my passion for food.  I grew up in a home where ailments were treated with diet.


Alex Jepson


Specialties: Creativity & Innovation

Alex tailors his coaching to your individual goals, makeup and specific learning style. Alex has a calm demeanor, helping you identify and work through any blocks.


Arabella Tornow


Specialties: Masculine Embodiment Work, Astrology & Human Design

Arabella helps her clients express their innate potential through supporting them in releasing their emotional wounds.


Micayla Dennis


Specialties: Human Design & Astrology for Embodying Your Life Purpose

With a passion for both Astrology and Human Design, Micayla assists others in understanding their unique Astrological Blueprint & Human Design Body Graph.