Name: Kelsey Shaffer
Occupation: Yoga Instructor / Child Care
Location: New Hampshire, USA
Age: 28

I recommend Dave to anyone looking to accelerate their process in a steady and supported manner with long term results. Dave has a talent for meeting his clients where they are at, working with their inner landscape and supporting them in whatever it is they are working on at a deep level.

He has a myriad of tools he uses to get his clients out of their minds and in full resonance with their bodies and their purpose. Working with Dave has allowed me to release deep seated blocks, gain new skills to aid me on my journey, learn new self healing modalities and so much support.

I am so grateful to have found him and have the pleasure of working with him for about a year now! Each month I worked with him I evolved into a newer version of myself. As I evolve so does the work we do. He has a wealth of knowledge and is a great mentor.

He is someone you can trust has your best interest at heart. It has been very healing and enlightening working with him.