Name: Arabella Tornow
Occupation: Coach
Location: Berlin, Germany
Age: 28

“Working with Dave is a real enrichment in my life. With him I can discover the depths that I felt before but could never reach and understand myself. He helps me understand myself and my mission and vision better and creates a safe space where I can really allow myself to fall. He gives me the security and trust that I need for my healing and have always looked for in a male person, which helps me a lot to heal my masculine wounds as well.

What I like about his work is that he responds to me and my needs and I just really like that individuality. He makes me feel seen and taken care of, which at the same time makes me feel more confident and empowered in my interactions with other people.

I have a clear goal in mind through Dave, I know how to interact with myself and others to get the best out of it and most importantly, through him I have met a part of me that finally feels heard, loved and nurtured and for that I am infinitely grateful.

I’ve been working with Dave for almost a year now and for me it’s the highlight of my week because I know he really wants to see me grow and bring out my full potential by partnering with me. So, I’m looking forward to continuing to work with him and I’m excited to see where the journey goes. But one thing is clear, there will be a lot of transformation, bliss moments, depth and love involved.”