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Octave Leap’s Educational Blog covers a range of topics aimed at aligning individuals with the knowledge needed to walk a path of Economic Sovereignty. This is done through informative Blogposts covering topics ranging from Cryptocurrency to Growing an Aligned Business and being part of a Conscious Community.

Aligned Business

How to Run an Aligned, Conscious Business in 2022

In 2022, everyone seems to want a 6-figure or 7-figure conscious business. But that’s not what we should focus on, because being an aligned entrepreneur is so much more important. If I had to restart my business today, I would focus on self actualization first. Getting to know our deepest gifts and calling is so much more […]

Set Up a Successful Business | Five Step Guide

Imagine you could set up a successful business, doing what you want, from where you want, and earning more than most salaries out there. This isn’t a pipe dream. This is the new economy. And the opportunities are as vast as your capabilities for dreaming them into existence. In this article, we’re going to cover […]

Crypto Wallets & Exchanges | A Simple Introduction for Beginners

Okay, this article is here to help you understand a little more about this cryptic world of crypto wallets, exchanges, and centralized vs. decentralized finance.  Understand what wallets and exchanges are and how they function differently can give you a good sense of how to navigate through the blockchain. DISTINGUISHING BETWEEN CRYPTO WALLETS AND EXCHANGES […]

Live in Alignment With Prosperity | The Cryptocurrency Revolution is Here!

The best part about Cryptocurrency is it allows people to become their own bank.  It offers the possibility for anyone to be a part of the greatest transfer of wealth in human history. But first, we need to look at the underlying issues that keep people from experiencing a life in alignment with prosperity. For […]

Building Community

Overcome Financial Stress | Are You a Prepper or Together?

What is the ‘Prepper Mentality‘ The ‘prepper mentality‘ seems to be a default response to the stressors we are presented with in modern society. This is especially true when we are faced with economic struggle and financial stress. What exactly does the prepper mentality refer to? During the Cold War many Americans built bomb shelters […]