How to Find Embodiment Right Now – Tap Into The Source Of Your Personal Power

“I’ve studied yoga, hypnosis, trauma response and so many other modalities – what should I focus on next to help my clients?” a business client of mine recently asked.

My answer was simple – study embodiment.

What is Embodiment?

In fact, we should begin with the process of embodiment. This will allow our body to decide on anything else we wish to study later.

Life and business become easeful when we start, and ultimately, return to the body’s innate intelligence.

This is done through progressively relaxing more and more until we reach our internal zero point.

What is the Internal Zero Point?

The zero point is the place of least complexity and greatest potential.

We can compare the internal zero point to a state of relaxation.

Relaxation is a lot more than chilling out or enjoying a sunset, it is the process of slowly down the frequency in which the brain operates at.

This in turn, reduces the tightness of our nervous system so that we can feel things accurately again – without the influence of our past conditioning, unlocking our generative power to undo negative patterns and take rightful action with whatever it is that we need next.

This is the source of our personal, creative power.

The Existing Simulation

Trying to find external systems that do this for us without embodiment only produce limited results. That’s because external systems attempt to override our existing simulation with a new one.

The existing simulation sees things through a particular subjective lens that does not actually capture reality as it is unfolding around us.

And therefore, the existing simulation cannot address all of the needs of a particular situation. It can only address the areas that subjectively match it. Similarly, anything we layer on top of that forms a more specific and narrow lens.

A rigid mind that learns a rigid system produces very limited results.

Take western medicine for example. There are areas of health that it can treat (such as burns, infections and cuts), but those who approach it as a complete system for total health often find its limitations quickly. Many chronic issues get unresolved or chocked up be ‘psychological issues’ and dismissed.

Moving Past The Simulation and into Embodiment

Instead of trying to find a solution, what if we first dismantled the simulation?

Break down the bracing, the trauma responses, and the past conditioning to first see things clearly? Embodiment assumes that answers and solutions lie in the body – not in an external system.

Not to mention, it feels good. It might be a bit uncomfortable at first but that’s normal.

In order to properly relax, we need to move through the layers of chronic tension that have accumulated over many decades of living.

Overcoming the “Chronic Buffer”

For most people, this is experienced as a layer of distraction called the chronic buffer. ‘Chronic’ because it has been accumulating for a long time. ‘Buffer’ because it comes between our regular awareness and the deeper layers of felt-sense connection with life.

The more that we relax past the chronic buffer, the more expansive our awareness becomes to be able to receive information buried deep in the subconscious and unconscious layers of the mind.

Skilled practitioners can bring their clients into deep states of relaxation where they can easefully rewire patterns and get insights that are not readily available to the conscious mind.

This is where my work began. I began coaching people after taking courses in shamanism, energy work, and ancestral pattern healing. But it wasn’t long before I ditched what I had learned and just deeply listened to my clients. I would find myself asking more questions than providing answers.

Their ability to answer their own questions and undo challenging situations was directly correlated with the degree in which they were relaxed.

I later realized how effective relaxation was for setting up a business!

Relaxation & Embodiment in Business

In business, we often feel overwhelmed with information and decisions. It can be exhausting, stressful and many people overwork themselves.

This in turn, creates a completely non-relaxed state.

In fact, grinding to achieve goals is held in high regard in our society. But I found that business could be easeful, productive, and enjoyable when we approached it from a relaxed state of being.

This led me to discover that aligned business needed to be done from a place of internal relaxation and ease.

Stepping into Aligned Business

Often when I would guide people through layers of deep relaxation, they could easily figure out some of the more challenging questions in business like:

  • What gifts do I offer?
  • Who do my offerings serve?
  • What activities should I pursue in business?
  • How should I approach growth/marketing?

When I pair embodiment with dialogue/sound-boarding in a session I can ask further questions to help people get more specific about clear.

Bodily sensations tend to drive answers as opposed to mental concepts which lead to much more effective and personalized solutions.

When embodiment and relaxation become the basis for how we do business or live life, we naturally express our uniqueness. We can then develop strategies that work for us and find systems that support us without unnecessary complexity.

Business transitions from a grinding, stressful effort into an easeful, curious dance. It becomes a process that is almost meditative and highly enjoyable. We can finish each day with more energy than when began and create a long-term, purposeful livelihood.

How to Find Embodiment Right Now

The best part about embodiment is that we can begin today. Now in fact!

Of course, over time we get better at holding our attention internally with fewer distractions. But ultimately, there’s no need for tools, techniques, or complicated processes.

You can begin to become embodied right now in a matter of minutes. Here’s one approach that I use often:

Step 1 – Sit or Stand upright with a straight spine

Step 2 – Place your attention on a point in your body. You can choose any spot you like but the solar plexus is a great place to start. The solar plexus is where your instinctive center sits. Your instincts are fast and fluid and respond in real time with the world around you.

Step 3 – As you inhale, sense the breath drawing attention from your head into the chosen point in
your body.

Step 4 – as you exhale, sense your whole body at once. Take note of how it FEELS.

Step 5 – Relax the body and repeat the exercise.

There – that’s it!

Increasing Awareness & Embodiment Over Time

What is important is knowing what this practice can become over time. It is not a meditation, it is a way of navigating life. It is meant to be used as often as possible and the growing sensation of relaxation and bodily-awareness increases over time.

When I do this with clients in a session, they often go much deeper than when practicing alone. Having someone provide spoken guidance immediately takes the need to remember steps out of the equation. I sense when people are in a relaxed state and then guide them deeper – often focusing on specific parts of the body where they are feeling restriction, blockages, or tension.

Empowerment & Clarity in Life & Business

We have created a 2-day, donation-based workshop called “EMBODYING YOUR BUSINESS AND PASSION PROJECTS”.  In this 2-day workshop (Nov 19/20) we will focus on getting ourselves aligned & embodied for business/passion projects. We will cover how to:

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  • Learn new skills quickly and affordably in the new paradigm
  • Grow our nervous system capacity to better hold our business/passion project
  • Enter the receiving paradigm instead of focusing on ‘goal-setting’

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