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How to Run an Aligned, Conscious Business in 2022

In 2022, everyone seems to want a 6-figure or 7-figure conscious business. But that’s not what we should focus on, because being an aligned entrepreneur is so much more important.

If I had to restart my business today, I would focus on self actualization first. Getting to know our deepest gifts and calling is so much more important than the rest. This is the key to an aligned conscious business – or as some call it a ‘soul aligned business’. 

There are many ways of getting there. Some people hire a business coach. Others search out spiritual business ideas. But the key is moving beyond these words and moving into alignment with our calling. 

Moving Away From Outdated Business Practices and Towards Conscious Business

People are TIRED and are no longer listening to the old media, the old politicians and the old pitch for life’s ideals. And that translates to the way we do business as well.

When it comes to business, people are done with gurus, scammers and snake oil salesmen.

The slick, internet marketing that extracts money from people like mineable commodities is on its last legs and about to be unceremoniously tossed out. Customers are now looking for you to step in with a compassionate, people-first and purpose-fuelled business.

This type of business is the way of the future and it is the backbone of what I call the ‘new economy’.

The Secret to Ensuring Your Conscious Business Thrives

I’ve been helping coaches and entrepreneurs since 2017, and I tell you that many of them relying on the old way of doing business are flat out struggling right now. The email marketing campaigns are going straight to the spam folder, the up-sells are getting harsh rejection and the overpriced masterclasses are damn near empty.

You know who is thriving? Those who form genuine connection with people and offer real value. These people are busier than ever right now!

That’s because as the world wakes up to the dying days of capitalism and the old transaction-based system, a new economy is being born at a grassroots level. It isn’t on social media and it certainly isn’t in the news but it’s in the hearts of every person who longs for a brighter future.

In the past, people could get away with abusing power and manipulating their audiences. People fell for the same marketing tricks and corporate shininess. Today, these companies are laying off in droves as many of their stocks have plunged by over 50% (with potentially more fallout to come).

The Changing World of Business

We will always need business. The right to transact and exchange value is a basic human need. We have been exchanging one thing for another since the dawn of time and so business isn’t going anywhere.

It’s just changing.

It’s changing along with our collective value systems. As we’ve rejected war, racial discrimination, started taking health into our own hands and exposed wealth inequality we have come to realize the value of trust, community and compassion.

This is your secret weapon that big business can’t do. They can’t do it with heart, they are not nimble and in touch with what’s happening at the ground level, they can’t speak out against REAL injustice. When you’re too big, you become too slow to keep up with the rapid pace in today’s world.

Not only that, but businesses of a certain size get locked into that exact system that is being rejected right now. Many companies try to compensate with fancy technological solutions and data analytics but that’s not what we care about or where we are heading.

Conscious Business and Forming Real Connections

People want connection. They want to be seen, heard and have their dreams validated. You can’t fake genuine connection with shiny tools!

And you can help people do that if you run an aligned business. You don’t HAVE to be a coach or a motivator – although these are great choices ; just running a business that you’re passionate about. If it enlivens you and other people get a hit of it – that’s all that you need.

People don’t need perfection. They want a story; a journey.

Make your business growth public so people can participate in your transformation.

Sharing Your Journey with Your Audience

Go and search any successful, positive influencer and take a look at their oldest content. It was tacky, awkward and underproduced. But that it WHY people love them. Because they saw a spark of inspiration turn into a blazing fire of passion and influence.

You’re never too old to start either. Mature people want inspiration too. They want to see someone else their age make it work so that they can believe it is possible for them.

Older people have the advantage of life experience and wisdom that the millenials and youngsters can’t touch.

I coached a 67-year old man last year who found an entirely new perspective on his business. This completely transformed his relationship with others. He plugged into the new economy and it felt so good that his business began thriving.

So the one thing you need to do is find your authenticity and fearlessly share it with the world. We are done with the slick corporate ruse and the emotionally manipulative slight of hands. We want real, raw and damn passionate!

Aligning With Your Calling

The thing you need to do to run a successful conscious business is to align with is your calling, your aim and your WHY.

This is more than business. This goes into what you are doing on this planet. It may change over time, but finding that gift inside as it presents itself to you today is the foundation for everything else that you do. It is the spark that gets you started and the fuel for staying committed when the going gets tough.

Life is here to support us and when we align with our gift and flow with the direction our gifts wish to take us, we will always be in the right hands.

In order to be successful, we need to strive to be someone who finds their calling for business. If you find your calling and align deeply with it, then you will be in the flow of life and carried by that momentum to truly create something excellent.

Running a Successful Business in 2022

So that is the ONE thing you need to start running a successful business in 2022. Find and align with your calling, your aim, your why.

Put the business aside and make it about you first.

If you feel ready for this but not quite sure how to start, I do offer 1-on-1 coaching to work with you past, inner blockages & clarification of your gifts.

If that feels right to you, you can book a complimentary Discovery Call or Full Session with me through my Coaching Page.