an image showing how financial stress can be overcome through community and working together

Overcome Financial Stress | Are You a Prepper or Together?

What is the ‘Prepper Mentality

The ‘prepper mentality‘ seems to be a default response to the stressors we are presented with in modern society. This is especially true when we are faced with economic struggle and financial stress.

What exactly does the prepper mentality refer to?

During the Cold War many Americans built bomb shelters and stocked them wall-to-wall with canned goods in an effort to last out a “nuclear winter”. This is what initially gave rise to the term ‘prepper’.

More recently, in Sweden the government wants its citizens to be ready for the worst-case scenario. They are encouraging Swedish citizens to become “preppers” in the perceived threat of a Russian invasion.

But let’s take a step back here… Does the prepper mentality seem a little off? Is it a reflection of the mind’s machinations in response to unexamined fear?

Moving Past Isolation due to Financial Stress

During a time when we are more ‘connected’ than ever through technology, social media etc.. it seems that many have lost touch with true connection. On top of that the news seems to be dismissing the fact that most countries are in a recession even though there are countless signs of a financial crisis looming.

Many people are thinking the ‘R’ Word and search engines have been ablaze with people searching for answers on “how to survive a recession” and “economic collapse”.

Let’s take a step back from the individualistic doom and gloom and survival mentality thinking, and recognise that we are part of a greater community of people, a collective that offers a range of diverse skills.

Your ideal vision of community may be leading you away from recognising the community you are already a part of.

Humans tend to realize their finest hour when their backs are firmly against the wall.

What if we were to put aside our petty differences and come together? It is time to recognise that we are never alone and never have to carry our burdens single-handedly.

Community is The Key to Overcoming Financial Stress and Unlocking Financial Success

Research in the fields of neurobiology and psychology has demonstrated that we are more connected and interdependent than we realize. Yet many people feel that they are alone.

To better understand both ourselves and our need for community, we need to look at the way our brain functions.

The front of our brains have special neurons called “mirror neurons” that exist to help us understand and empathise with one another. We are a social species, and the truth is, we need each other to survive.

All of the technology that exists has not eradicated that need from our basic biology. We truly are a tribal species, and many of us today live in a ‘tribe’ of two, even if it is virtually.

An image showing people coming together in community to overcome financial stress
People coming together in community to support each other during times of financial stress.

Stronger Relationships Make For Stronger Brains

When that connection from our tribe is cut off, it can feel as dangerous as some kind of physical assault.

That’s because social and physical pain register in the same part of the brain; The anterior cingulate.

When we’re suffering for instance, from a break up, it might feel like it is the worst and most ‘deadly’ thing that has ever happened to us.

We may feel as if we cannot go on without our ex-partner.

We can try to ignore this fact cognitively, but disconnection can still eat away at our attention, creativity and cognitive functions. (And we need all of these things to succeed in what we do).

Stronger relationships make for stronger brains, allowing our emotional and metal states to thrive, and allowing us to have a stronger footing when it comes to overcoming financial troubles as a result.

The bottom line is that people need people. We cannot go it alone and still be our best. This is just as true for you as anyone else. We need each other.

Long Lasting Freedom Through Community

Next time you are tempted to turn away from your partner[s], your family or your friends and throw yourself into your stresses alone, take a deep breath and try to connect with those people instead.

It may feel like hard work to resist the pattern that says ‘f**k it’, but the result of human connection and sense of belonging to a community alters our brain so it functions more optimally.

Both your relationships and your ability to overcome financial stress will thank you for it later. And you will feel more fulfilled and related as a result.

Octave Leap was founded around these principles. Above all we value the sense of community. These principles are woven into our ethos of nurturing a conscious community, with the aims of aligning with prosperity and upholding conscious business practices. We are here to help you discover what the unique gifts are that you bring to your community.